What are pneumatic tubes systems?

Station du système pneumatique MWP

Pneumatic tube systems were initially designed to dispatch parcels and letters within a building by using air pressure as a method of transporting objects to a designated location. When the technology was invented, it was a simple unidirectional concept which aimed to facilitate communication in an era where communication was not as efficient.

Flash forward to today, pneumatic delivery systems organically grew to meet the needs of businesses and institutions by improving the technology behind the straightforward principles of pneumatics. Eventually, systems developed into various types such as multiline, point-to-point and single line each providing their own added value and specific role. To its core without getting into the technicalities, pneumatic tube transport systems use networks of piping in which air compression and suction is used to transport capsules containing valuable objects to a desired department within an establishment. To ensure objects remain intact from impact, the carrier is stopped by an air cushion which then makes a smooth transition to the station’s receiving bin.  The piping is either made of steel or PVC depending on the type of pneumatic tube delivery system needed, the desired technology that meets the quantity of transactions expected daily and the type of items that will be transported through the network.

Although in modern day, means of communication have become more advanced with faxes, emails or even robotics, pneumatic tube systems have evolved and continue to be an integral part of many different industries. In addition, it remains an affordable method for businesses to efficiently move objects covering long distances. Below are just a few examples on the applications of pneumatic systems in various industries.

In healthcare centres, nurses need to deliver blood samples to the lab for testing. In commercial spaces, cashiers must send money to the safe after their day of work. Lastly, manufacturers send samples for quality control to their testing lab.  Of the few instances mentioned above, objects can be moved physically on foot, however using pneumatic tube conveyor system will provide more value as it saves time, allows personnel to focus on more vital tasks and ultimately proves to be more profitable for business owners.

At Adanac Air Tube Systems, we are proud to locally manufacture pneumatic tubes systems and provide our services throughout Canada. We aim to innovate as we move forward and provide businesses with top of the line pneumatic delivery systems. With our experience in design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance services, we can safely say that our systems can easily last decades.

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