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If in need of immediate assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us through the website via the form on the contact us page, send us an email at or call us at our toll free number (1-866-678-1219). 

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Adanac provides the necessary tools and support to maintain systems while avoiding unnecessary downtime.

On-demand service

Adanac offers a wide range of pneumatic tube system maintenance support and services to ensure trouble-free operations. The service center technicians are available to provide on-demand service and support when required.

Both corrective and preventative maintenance services for pneumatic tube systems are offered.  These services can be presented in the framework of a service contract or supplied as needed on an on-call basis according to the requirements. 

When service is in need, Adanac guarantees technicians will complete the troubleshooting process and resolve the issue remotely or repairs on site.

Training program

Adanac provides comprehensive system training and maintains continuous relationships with the client’s maintenance staff to ensure all necessary training is provided for the efficient operation of our systems.

Our on-call technicians can provide technical support and trouble-shooting help Adanac provide ongoing system training when updates are introduced and continues relationships with the client’s maintenance staff to ensure all employees are prepared to properly and efficiently operate the pneumatic tube systems.

Support program

The Remote Airtube Monitoring (RAM) system continuously monitors the status and operation of all of the components of the pneumatic tube system.  When a potential problem is detected, it automatically transmits detailed information to Adanac’s service center.  Adanac technicians will review the information, examine the status of the system and take action to repair the problem.

The system can be repaired and returned to operation before the end users are aware of an issue.  The RAM system also detects the deterioration of pneumatic tube system parts, intermittent problems and small system errors that will normally go unnoticed and result in a more serious system breakdown.

The RAM system is available on our AWP and MWP pneumatic tube systems.  The RAM system is configurable to meet the needs of each client.

Carriers & parts

To transport items using the system, they must be placed in a pneumatic tube system carrier.  Constructed of durable plastic, these capsules are specially designed to protect their contents while travelling through the system network.

As the manufacturer of all pneumatic tube system components, Adanac maintains a large, permanent inventory of all carriers and service parts for its pneumatic tube systems.  Spare carriers and part orders may be expedited to ship the same day for next-morning arrival on site.  Non-urgent order are guaranteed to ship within 5-business days of reception of order.

What our clients say

"We decided to choose Adanac due to their reputation and product quality. Working with their engineers and customer service representatives over several years confirmed that Adanac was the right choice in pneumatic tube systems."
Director of Operations
Hospital, Montreal area, Quebec
"Adanac’s Money Tube system is efficient, easy to use and reliable. When our store needed to relocate stations, Adanac provided exceptional service and did a great job. We are very pleased and couldn’t have asked for a better money tube system supplier."
Owner Grocery Store
Richmond area in Toronto, Ontario
"Adanac provides great remote troubleshooting service on an as needed basis. Their monitoring of our system is 24 hours and Adanac even fixes issues before they happen which means less downtime."
Maintenance Director
Hospital, Vancouver area, British Columbia
"Adanac’s provides great support. When spare parts or new pneumatic tube systems components are needed, they are quick to send everything over. Overall, we are very pleased with Adanac’s service and customer care."
Director of Operations
Food Processing Plant, Montreal area, Quebec

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