Pneumatic tube systems for healthcare, commercial & industrial applications

As the largest pneumatic tube systems manufacturer in Canada, Adanac designs and creates computerized pneumatic tube system with the aim of minimizing the movement of personnel, reducing delays and improving services.

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Advanced, efficient & reliable pneumatic delivery systems

A pneumatic tube system provides faster delivery than a runner or messenger. In turn, it saves time and money. Several objects can be sent in sequence simultaneously to different locations. Materials concealed in carriers are delivered to any pneumatic tube station unerringly, inexpensively and swiftly.

Types of systems

Adanac offers a wide range of systems depending on industry needs.


AWP Pneumatic Tube System

Our top-level automatic multi-station systems are typically used in medium to large hospital centers. They are controlled by a central computer and can be expanded to virtually any number of pneumatic tube stations. The stations are built into walls, and come in 6-inch and 4-inch diameter tubing.

MWP Pneumatic Conveyor System

Smaller than AWP systems, the MWP systems are ideal for smaller hospitals which make less frequent use of the pneumatic delivery system. Using quality and robust components, MWP systems also come in 6-inch and 4-inch diameter tubing.


Cash Tube Systems

Specifically designed for sending cash from cashier terminals to a central cash office. These systems function in one direction, and the in-coming pneumatic tube system carriers are directly connected to a safe in the cash office. Cash tube systems can easily be designed and installed in banks and other retail stores.


Point-to-point Pneumatic Transfer System

Our point-to-point systems are designed to send materials from point A to B. Weither it is a single or multiple lines, these pneumatic systems are designed for industrial use. The point-to-point systems are available in 4-, 6- and possibly up to 8-inch diameter tubing.

Custom Systems

Can be designed and implemented to meet clients’ specific needs. These also include rectangular systems of varying sizes. For smaller or larger pneumatic tube system project, we are the sensible choice!

Experts in pneumatic tube systems

Adanac has been in the pneumatic tube systems business for over 50 years and continues to innovate in order to ensure the needs of clients are surpassed. Adanac calls on its expertise to deliver the best quality hardware, software and features to ensure a reliable, efficient and enjoyable experience for users.

A wide range of products serves the needs of industrial, commercial and institutional clients, with a special attention to the healthcare sector. From simple point-to-point pneumatic tube transfer systems, to more complex multi-station systems to fully automatic configurations with unlimited capacity, the pneumatic tube transport systems can be adapted to virtually any application.

Adanac air tube carriers

The possibilities of retrofit packages to upgrade existing pneumatic tube delivery systems are available. Adanac’s consulting, design, manufacturing and service facilities includes 26,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, with an in-house engineering department providing turnkey solutions in the planning and implementation of systems.

The aim to maximize client’s operational efficiency by enabling quick and easy communication or material delivery throughout the building. In addition, the quality of the locally made components used within the pneumatic tube delivery systems favors a long term usage. The pneumatic tube transfer system upgrades further contributes to its integrity. After all, Adanac prides itself on the core values it wants to deliver on; efficiency, reliability and durability.

The many years Adanac’s software and hardware have been in operation and the thousands of air tube systems installed across North America attest to the quality Adanac’s pneumatic tube systems and the company’s commitment to its clients.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most popular questions regarding pneumatic tube systems

Pricing can vary. There are several factors to consider such was the number of pneumatic tube stations, the length in piping, the materials (steel piping or pvc), etc. In order to get a better idea, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote or more information regarding pricing.

As a pneumatic tube systems manufacturer leader, Adanac offers a range of products easily adaptable to your company’s needs offering a retrofit package to upgrade existing pneumatic systems already in place.

Our powerful system can reach up to 1500 feet allowing for easy communication by sending important information, document, cash, samples, etc. efficiently to another department.

Depending on the system being used (AWP, MWP, Money Tube or PTP system), the weight that can be transported can vary up to 7 pounds. For custom systems, carriers can weigh up to 30 pounds.

The steel piping and PVC piping for our systems can vary from 4 inches to 6 inches in diameter. In some cases, we offer up to 8 inches.

Pneumatic carrier’s usage should be regularly checked. It is important to do so to avoid any system interference. A damaged carrier can cause a blockage in the tubing system. To ensure a carrier’s good condition it is important to check on a monthly basis.

Carriers and Parts can be ordered directly and shipped within 5 days. Adanac manufactures all components of its pneumatic tube systems in Canada offering quick delivery and great quality. To place an order, do not hesitate to contact us.

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