Durable industrial pneumatic tube systems for manufacturers & warehouses

Industrial pneumatic tube transfer systems applications

Adanac’s Point-to-Point industrial pneumatic tube systems can be adapted to any manufacturing or warehousing establishment. All our systems, from a simple to a complex design, are made to operate for a prolonged period of time. With the industrial pneumatic system in place, it immediately connects your plant from every corner allowing your workers to focus on vital tasks rather than transporting materials and parts.

A common application of a pneumatic tube system in the industry can be seen in production lines for manufacturing plants. In the assembly line, samples of products or specific parts are sent to the quality control lab by using a Point-to-Point pneumatic transfer system in order to quickly measure the quality of the products being manufactured. Another use for Adanac’s systems is sending documentation that can’t necessarily be sent online as workers might need the paperwork on-hand right away.

The stations and piping can be installed to be fully integrated into the structure of the building or exposed in the work environment. Regardless of the installation preference, Adanac aims an aesthetically appealing installation of the stations and piping network. 

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The Point-to-point Tube System

Adanac’s Point-to-point pneumatic tube system is designed to be a straightforward system’s allowing efficient delivery from point A to point B. The system is designed to function in a bidirectional manner enabling industrial or manufacturing businesses to improve the speed of operations throughout the pant. The Point-to-point system can be designed to exceed the needs of any industrial and manufacturing organization.

The industrial pneumatic system is composed of only two station connected together. Due to the nature of its design, the diverter unit is not required for the network. As a result, a direct expansion with an existing system connecting two station is not possible. In order to expand, there is the possibility of adding independent circuits (PTP system with two stations). Therefore, Adanac is capable of adapting our pneumatic tube systems for manufacturers’ needs of any setting desired by our clients.

In terms of material transportation specifications, Adanac manufactures carriers specifically designed for the Point-to-point system where sending any type of materials can be executed with ease. The carriers are propelled through the document tube carrier system at 25 feet per second for a distance up to 5000 feet. All stations are equipped with Adanac’s unique soft delivery and landing system ensuring materials arrive at the designated location with no damages.

The stations of the Point-to-point pneumatic delivery system are of the same simple style as the MWP system. These systems do not carry a receiving tank nor an independent motorized transmission tube allowing the station to receive and send carriers simultaneously. The carriers sent to the stations remain in the transmission pipe until it is removed by the receiving party. The stations have integrated controls and therefore a control computer is not required. The Point-to-point system is the best industrial pneumatic tube system.

Industrial Pneumatic Tube System

Industrial Pneumatic Transfer Systems Are Designed to Endure

We’ve worked for over 50 years to offer you the most durable and reliable pneumatic tube systems for manufacturers and industrial applications.

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