Pneumatic tube systems for hospitals & vetenarian clinics

Adanac air tube systems are integral to the operations of small, medium and large hospitals and healthcare centres. These systems are designed to efficiently and swiftly move essential materials such as specimens, blood, X-rays, medical instruments and pharmaceutical supplies between departments. 

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Healthcare applications

Adanac’s pneumatic tube system designed for hospitals is a safe and effective method of transporting medications, samples and other crucial materials using vacuum tube and computer technology. To ensure the contents are protected, Adanac manufactures its own antibacterial high-impact Lexan capsule. In addition, the Adanac air-brake soft landing feature further assures the integrity of fragile objects during transportation. Transporting liquids is not a concern as a pressure-seal lock keeps carriers securely shut and prevents potential spills.

The AWP system

Adanac’s Model ‘AWP’ pneumatic tube system for hospitals is built to suit the demanding needs of the healthcare industry.  These stations are designed to combine maximum carrier sending/receiving capability with a straightforward, user-friendly interface.

Stations are suitable for any hospital department requiring a pneumatic tube station and can be seamlessly integrated into any workspace (Pharmacy, Laboratory, Nursing Unit, Emergency etc). The wall-recessed stations provide a clean and attractive installation with all transmission tubing and station supports hidden within the station’s architectural enclosure and ceiling.  All station electrical and mechanical components are easily accessible for servicing and maintenance requirements via the front access panel.

Adanac’s “AWP” pneumatic tube for hospitals are connected to the system network with a single transmission tube from above the station – “up-send / down-receive” style. Carriers that arrive at a station are stored in an open storage bin that is independent of the station’s sending arm.  When the hospital tube system is ready to dispatch a carrier, the station’s sending arm will move the carrier into alignment with the transmission tubing.  This feature allows stations to continue receiving carriers while another carrier is simultaneously waiting at the station to be sent.

Lastly, the size of the pneumatic tube systems for hospitals network can be easily expanded to up 99 stations. This enables systems to grow with the establishment or add on to a hospital tube system.


Adanac AWP pneumatic tube system

Designed for healthcare

We’ve served the healthcare industry for over 50 years to offer the best possible hospital pneumatic tube technology

The MWP system

Adanac’s Model ‘MWP’ pneumatic tube system for hospitals is designed to suit the needs of smaller healthcare establishments which make less frequent use of the pneumatic conveyor system. The MWP model works similarly to the way the AWP system operates. The steel piping network is connected through diverters and is controlled by a central control computer.

The main difference between its parent systems is that MWP stations are smaller and have standard operating features. More specifically, these systems are not equipped with a receiving tank nor an independent motorized expedition tube to receive and deliver medications via pneumatic tube systems or other materials simultaneously. In addition, the capsules sent to the MWP stations remains in the pneumatic tube until it is manually removed.

In addition, the expansion of the MWP system is possible up to 10 stations. The stations can be installed in a built-in cabinet or directly on a counter or placed within the building’s wall.

If in need of an efficient, simple and reliable pneumatic tube system for a hospital establishment and will be used with moderation, our MWP system is the right choice.

Adanac MWP pneumatic tube system

With over 250 systems in Canada, Adanac has the pneumatic tube technology for your needs

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