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Adanac commercial pneumatic tube systems are fully integrated in various institutions such as banks, retail stores, warehouses, university campuses and other large-area complexes. The highly reliable and efficient system serves to transport documents, money, and spare components, enabling valuable personnel to carry on with more crucial tasks.

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Minimize cost
Maximize efficiency
Optimize security

The Money Tube system is highly secure making our client’s at ease by minimizing the risk of theft. A common application is a one-way system; cashiers can insert cash or crucial documents inside the carrier and is safely and swiftly transported to the designated safe or location. The system can be adapted to the specific needs of any commercial organization. In addition, pneumatic tubes for banks are another common application of the pneumatic cash transfer system as security is an essential to the institution. The aesthetic cash tube system design can be amalgamated into the architecture to be viewed by the public or can simply be concealed for a more discrete use.

The Money Tube System

Adanac’s system is built to suit the demanding needs of the commercial industry. These stations are designed to combine maximum speed, security and allows our clients to interact with the system intuitively.

Stations are suitable for any commercial institution requiring a pneumatic tube station and can be seamlessly integrated into any work space (cashier station, work station, safe, office, etc.). These stations are designed to provide a professional, clean and attractive installation.

For efficient servicing and maintenance, we designed our pneumatic cash transfer systems with easy access to electrical and mechanical components. A well designed and reliable system is key for optimizing operations and reducing costs.

Adanac’s Money Tube System stations are not connected through a system network. The stations and piping used are independent from one another and unidirectional. As a result, cash or other important documents are moved to one location without the ability to be sent back. The one-way pneumatic cash tube system is the adds another layer of security by minimizing the human manipulation or interference.

In addition, the following feature allows stations to continue to dispatch carriers simultaneously improving the efficiency of operations. Once the carriers arrive at a station, the item is automatically placed in the custom sized safe and stored until needed by authorized personnel.

Money Tube Overview
Money Tube Station
Money Tube Safe

Lastly, the pneumatic cash transfer system can be scaled to any size. A common occurrence in the industry is relocating stations due to layout changes within the establishment. Our skilled installers can easily adapt the existing’s systems physical configuration to the fit the client’s operational needs.

Reliable, efficient & durable

Adanac’s prides itself on the reliability, efficiency and durability of the commercial pneumatic tube systems. In order to meet these expectation, the design and manufacturing process are done in-house, right here in Canada. With strict guidelines for quality control and the use of top quality components in our money tube systems ensures a durable, long lasting system. Adanac’s installers are certified and excel at installing cash tube systems regardless of size of the project. Contact us today to get started with a commercial pneumatic tube system.

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