Design, manufacturing & installation of air tube systems

Since 1964, Adanac is proud to support Canadian healthcare centres and businesses by locally manufacturing and supplying air tube systems coast to coast. 

Air Tube Station in Hospital

Our Services

From simple point-to-point arrays to more complex multi-station systems to fully automatic configurations with unlimited capacity, Adanac air tube systems can be adapted to virtually any application.

Medical lab worker


Hospitals & Vetenarian clinics

Adanac’s air tube transport systems are installed in small, medium or large hospitals and healthcare centers. These advanced systems are designed to safely and quickly send specimens, blood, X-rays, medical instruments and pharmaceutical supplies between departments. As a result, hospitals will see an increase in productivity as well as the overall quality of patients care.

Cashier in grocery store


Grocers, Banks and Retail

Adanac air tube systems operate in various sizes of grocery stores, banks, retail stores and other establishments to transport documents, money, and spare components between departments or directly to a safe. In turn, our reliable air tube systems will enable valuable personnel to carry on with tasks which require the human touch. 

Warehouse worker


Manufacturers and Warehouses

Adanac air tube conveyor systems endure any manufacturing or warehouse setting. All our systems, from the simplest to the most complex, are designed to operate efficiently for prolonged periods of time. The result is increased efficiency, saved time on quality control processes and better use of human resources.

Why Choose Us

Operational efficiency

Facilitate communication in your firm, thereby increasing productivity and generating profits. With our air tube delivery systems in place, you are immediately and efficiently connected to every work station of your office or building. Employees who would otherwise have to transport parcels, documents or other items, are now free to perform more important duties for a lower cost.

Experts of the industry

Adanac has over 50 years of experience in successfully manufacturing, completing new installation projects and expanding existing ones to a larger air tube transfer system. We have experience in completing long term, multi-phased projects as well as short-term projects. In addition, we continuously manage and complete multiple projects at the same time

Long-term reliability

Quality components and smart system design combined with skilled and experienced installation provide our clients with an efficient and reliable system. This is proven by our success in the air tube system field. There are over 250 establishments across Canada using an Adanac air tube delivery system to transport crucial materials or objects throughout their facilities.

System upgrades

Adanac systems are fully upgradeable. With our research and development team, we are constantly improving our system remotely or on site. Air tube system upgrades of hardware components and software are offered as they become available.

Adanac is the sensible choice in air tube transport systems

Immediately and efficiently connect every department in your establishment

Support & Services

Adanac aims to maximize operational efficiency by providing the necessary support and tools.

On-Demand Service

In rare circumstances, should an interruption of service occur with an air tube transfer system, our remote or on-site technicians will resolve the problem promptly to avoid downtime.

Air Tube Carriers & Parts

In need of new capsules or parts for your air tube delivery system? Contact us and we will ship within the 5 business days after the order is received and processed. For urgent cases, we ship daily.

Training Program

Adanac’s services includes customer training and on-site seminars to make sure users are prepared to use the air tube conveyor system effectively. In addition, manuals are offered to ensure proper training of new users.

Client Support Program

Adanac provides remote internal monitoring of the air transport systems for troubleshooting and repairs from our headquarters. Lastly, we offer optional long-term service packages.

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Next Generation Control Panel

Adanac’s most recent station control panel includes a 10-inch, full-colour, LCD touch-screen display. This keypad allows station users to send and receive carriers and access advanced air tube system features all through an extremely user-friendly interface.

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